Trust and Legal Document Preparation

Trust Restatement

A trust restatement is for those who have already created a living trust.  Typically after five or more years, it is a good idea to review your documents.  These documents can and will become "outdated".  The laws change constantly and a good estate plan needs to change too.  Our firm informs our clients as we learn of changes that will affect them.  A trust restatement includes everything from above in the  'Estate Planning Creation' area but typically, since funding has already occurred, it is a much quicker process.  We will review titling on your current assets for accuracy and proper language. 

Practice Areas

Estate Administration
Estate Administration is the process of settling an estate when one or both of the original trustors (creators) of the trust become incapacitated or die.   If everything has been maintained and updated, this process should move along seamlessly and normally takes anywhere from one week to one year but our client estate administration process averages between 60-90 days to complete and finalize. 

Living Trust and Estate Plan Creation

This is for the individual or couple who do not currently have a living trust.  So whether you have done nothing or only have a simple will, this is the first step in creating a family legacy. 


  • Living Trust
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Health-Care Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Assignment of Assets
  • Re-titling of Deed for Personal Residence
  • Certificate and Abstract of Trust Existence
  • Instructions for funding of trust.  This would include the Do's and Don'ts of Estate Planning.